Towards Reliable Isoform Quantification Using RNA-Seq Data

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Towards Reliable Isoform Quantification Using RNA-Seq Data
Background: In eukaryotes, alternative splicing often generates multiple splice variants from a single gene. Here weexplore the use of RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) datasets to address the isoform quantification problem. Given a set of known splice variants, the goal is to estimate the relative abundance of the individual variants. Methods: Our method employs a linear models framework to estimate the ratios of known isoforms in a sample. A key feature of our method is that it takes into account the non-uniformity of RNA-Seq read positions along the targeted transcripts. Results: Preliminary tests indicate that the model performs well on both simulated and real data. In two publicly available RNA-Seq datasets, we identified several alternatively-spliced genes with switch-like, on/off expression properties, as well as a number of other genes that varied more subtly in isoform expression. In many cases, genes exhibiting differential expression of alternatively spliced transcripts were not dif...
Brian E. Howard, Steffen Heber
Added 18 May 2010
Updated 18 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2009
Where BIBM
Authors Brian E. Howard, Steffen Heber
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