Wire shaping of RLC interconnects

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Wire shaping of RLC interconnects
The optimum wire shape to produce the minimum signal propagation delay across an RLC line is shown to exhibit a general exponential form. The line inductance makes exponential tapering more attractive for RLC lines than for RC lines. For RLC lines, optimum wire tapering achieves a greater reduction in the signal propagation delay as compared to uniform wire sizing. For RLC lines, exponential tapering outperforms uniform repeater insertion. As technology advances, wire tapering becomes more effective than repeater insertion, since a greater reduction in the propagation delay is achieved. Optimum wire tapering achieves a reduction of 36% in the propagation delay in long RLC interconnect as compared to uniform repeater insertion. Wire tapering can reduce both the propagation delay and power dissipation. Optimum tapering for minimum propagation delay reduces the propagation delay by 15% and power dissipation by 16% for an example circuit. The optimum tapering factor to minimize the transi...
Magdy A. El-Moursy, Eby G. Friedman
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Updated 15 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2007
Authors Magdy A. El-Moursy, Eby G. Friedman
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