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8 years 6 months ago
Functional similarities of reaction sets in metabolic pathways
Analyzing metabolic pathways by means of their steady states has proven to be accurate and efficient for practical purposes. The models such as elementary flux modes (EFMs) and ex...
Ferhat Ay, Tamer Kahveci
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8 years 11 months ago
B.E.A.R. GeneInfo: A tool for identifying gene-related biomedical publications through user modifiable queries
Background: Once specific genes are identified through high throughput genomics technologies there is a need to sort the final gene list to a manageable size for validation studie...
Guohui Zhou, Xinyu Wen, Hang Liu, Michael J. Schli...
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8 years 11 months ago
Automation of gene assignments to metabolic pathways using high-throughput expression data
Background: Accurate assignment of genes to pathways is essential in order to understand the functional role of genes and to map the existing pathways in a given genome. Existing ...
Liviu Popescu, Golan Yona
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8 years 11 months ago
GOSAP: Gene Ontology-Based Semantic Alignment of Biological Pathways
A large number of biological pathways have been assembled in later years, and are being stored in databases. Hence, the need for methods to analyse these pathways has emerged. One ...
Jonas Gamalielsson, Björn Olsson
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8 years 11 months ago
Meta-All: a system for managing metabolic pathway information
Background: Many attempts are being made to understand biological subjects at a systems level. A major resource for these approaches are biological databases, storing manifold inf...
Stephan Weise, Ivo Grosse, Christian Klukas, Dirk ...
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8 years 11 months ago
Phylophenetic properties of metabolic pathway topologies as revealed by global analysis
Background: As phenotypic features derived from heritable characters, the topologies of metabolic pathways contain both phylogenetic and phenetic components. In the post-genomic e...
Yong Zhang, Shaojuan Li, Geir Skogerbø, Zhi...
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8 years 11 months ago
Comparative classification of species and the study of pathway evolution based on the alignment of metabolic pathways
Background: Pathways provide topical descriptions of cellular circuitry. Comparing analogous pathways reveals intricate insights into individual functional differences among speci...
Adi Mano, Tamir Tuller, Oded Béjà, R...
9 years 21 days ago
Representations of Metabolic Knowledge: Pathways
The automatic generation of drawings of metabolic pathways is a challenging problem that depends intimately on exactly what information has been recorded for each pathway, and on ...
Peter D. Karp, Suzanne M. Paley
9 years 23 days ago
Deriving phylogenetic trees from the similarity analysis of metabolic pathways
Comparative analysis of metabolic pathways in different genomes can give insights into the understanding of evolutionary and organizational relationships among species. This type ...
Maureen Heymans, Ambuj K. Singh
9 years 23 days ago
Visual Triangulation of Network-Based Phylogenetic Trees
Phylogenetic trees are built by examining differences in the biological traits of a set of species. An example of such a trait is a biological network such as a metabolic pathway,...
Ulrik Brandes, Tim Dwyer, Falk Schreiber