The Interpretation of Dreams

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The Interpretation of Dreams
"Even the material of this book, even my own dreams, defaced by time or superseded, by means of which I have demonstrated the rules of dream-interpretation, revealed, when I came to revise these pages, a continuity that resisted revision. For me, of course, this book has an additional subjective significance, which I did not understand until after its completion. It reveals itself to me as a piece of my self-analysis, as my reaction to the death of my father, that is, to the most important event, the most poignant loss in a man's life. Once I had realized this, I felt that I could not obliterate the traces of this influence. But to my readers the material from which they learn to evaluate and interpret dreams will be a matter of indifference."
Sigmund Freud
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Table of Content

Preface to the Third, Second, and First Editions
Chapter I: The Scientific Literature Dealing with the Problems of Dreams
A. The Relation of Dreams to Waking Life
B. The Material of Dreams -- Memory in Dreams
C. The Stimuli and Sources of Dreams
1. External Sensory Stimuli
2. Internal (Subjective) Sensory Excitations
3. Internal Organic Somatic Stimuli
4. Psychical Sources of Stimulation
D. Why Dreams are Forgotten after Waking
E. The Distinguishing Psychological Characteristics of Dreams
F. The Moral Sense in Dreams
G. Theories of Dreaming and its Function
H. The Relations between Dreams and Mental Diseases
Chapter II: The Method of Interpreting Dreams: An Analysis of a Specimen Dream
Chapter III: The Dream as Wish-Fulfilment
Chapter IV: Distortion in Dreams
Chapter V. The Material and Sources of Dreams
A. Recent and Indifferent Materials in Dreams
B. Infantile Material as a Source of Dreams
C. The Somatic Sources of Dreams
D. Typical Dreams
1. Embarrassing Dreams of Being Naked
2. Dreams of the Death of Persons of Whom the Dreamer is Fond
3. Other Typical Dreams
4. Examination Dreams
Chapter VI: The Dream-Work
A. The Work of Condensation
B. The Work of Displacement
C. The Means of Representation in Dreams
D. Considerations of Representability
E. Representation by Symbols in Dreams -- Some Further Typical Dreams
F. Some Examples -- Calculations and Speeches in Dreams
G. Absurd Dreams -- Intellectual Activity in Dreams
H. Affects in Dreams
I. Secondary Revision
Chapter VII: The Psychology of the Dream-Processes
A. The Forgetting of Dreams
B. Regression
C. Wish-Fulfillment
D. Arousal by Dreams -- The Function of Dreams -- Anxiety Dreams
E. The Primary and Secondary Processes -- Repression
F. The Unconscious and Consciousness -- Reality
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