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15 years 3 months ago
Lectures on Medical Image Analysis
Easy and neat set of lecture notes in Medical Image Analysis taught at West Virginia University by Prof. Tim McGraw. It covers several famous computer vision techniques such as act...
Tim McGraw

Lecture Notes
15 years 3 months ago
A Short Introduction to Operating System
As the name implies, it is a short introduction about operating system.
Mark Burgess

Lecture Notes
15 years 5 months ago
Computational Physics
Easy to follow lecture notes on Computational Physics.
Alexander L. Godunov

Lecture Notes
15 years 5 months ago
Numerical Methods Course Notes
"These notes were originally prepared during Fall quarter 2003 for UCSD Math 174, Numerical Methods."
Steven E. Pav

Lecture Notes
15 years 5 months ago
The Relational Data Model, Normalisation and effective Database Design
I have been designing and building applications, including the databases used by those applications, for several decades now. I have seen similar problems approached by different d...
Tony Marston