15 years 2 months ago
A Detailed Analysis of How an Urban Trail System Affects the Travel of Cyclists
Transportation specialists, urban planners, and public health officials have been steadfast in encouraging active modes of transportation over the past decades. Conventional thin...
Kevin J. Krizek, Ahmed El-Geneidy, Kristin Thompso...

15 years 2 months ago
Models of Transportation and Land Use Change:  A Guide to the Territory
Modern urban regions are highly complex entities. Despite the difficulty of modeling every relevant aspect of an urban region, researchers have produced a rich variety of models de...
Michael Iacono, David Levinson, Ahmed El-Geneidy

15 years 3 months ago
Beyond Generating Transit Performance Measures: Visualizations and Statistical Analysis using Historical Data
In recent years, the use of performance measures for transit planning and operations has gained a great deal of attention, particularly as transit agencies are required to provide ...
M. Berkow, A. El-Geneidy, R.L. Bertini, D. Crout

15 years 3 months ago
Bus transit service planning and operations in a competitive environment
Transit services are currently facing several challenges in the United States and around the world. For many reasons, among which the fluctuations in gas prices and the state of t...
A. M. El-Geneidy, J. Hourdos, J. Horning

15 years 4 months ago
Transportation Research At McGill (TRAM) is a research group of researchers, faculty members and students whom their work is mainly directed towards conducting research in the tran...