13 years 8 months ago
Medical Image Registration: interpolations, similarities and optimizations strategies
This paper presents a study conducted for evaluating different interpolation schemes, similarity metrics and optimization algorithms for the purpose of volumetric medical image ...
R. Gallea, E. Ardizzone, R. Pirrone, O. Gambino

13 years 12 months ago
Browser independent content based image resizing for liquid web layouts
A typical problem for webdesigners is to realize pages that can be potentially accessed from a number of display devices with different screen sizes and resolutions. Liquid layouts...
Gallea Roberto, Ardizzone Edoardo, Pirrone Roberto
14 years 1 months ago
Real-time content-aware image resizing using reduced linear model
In this paper is presented an effective and efficient method for content-aware image resizing. It is based on the solution of a linear system where each pixel displacement (compres...
Edoardo Ardizzone, Roberto Gallea, Roberto Pirrone
14 years 6 months ago
A BDI Agent System for Credit Risk Assessment based on Fuzzy Logic
Credit risk has always been an important issue for banks and other financial intermediaries. A reliable and consistent computing system is necessary to simplify the decision mak...
S. Bonura, V. Morreale, G. Cammarata, F. Cantore,...

14 years 6 months ago
A Java-based Wrapper for Wireless Communications
The increasing number of new applications for mobile devices in pervasive environments, do not cope with changes in the wireless communications. Developers of such applications hav...
Alessandro Genco, Antonio Gentile, Cono Ferrarotto...