12 years 13 days ago
Rain or Snow Detection in Image Sequences through use of a Histogram of Orientation of Streaks
The detection of bad weather conditions is crucial for meteorological centers, specially with demand for air, sea and ground traffic management. In this article, a system based on ...
Jérémie Bossu, Nicolas Hautière and Jean-Philip...

12 years 13 days ago
Mitigation of Visibility Loss for Advanced Camera based Driver Assistances
In adverse weather conditions, in particular, in day-light fog, the contrast of images grabbed by in-vehicle cameras in the visible light range is drastically degraded, which makes...
Nicolas Hautière, Jean-Philippe Tarel and Didier...

12 years 13 days ago
Vision Models for Image Quality Assessment: One is Not Enough
A number of image quality metrics are based on psychophysical models of the human visual system. We propose a new framework for image quality assessment, gathering three indexes de...
Roland Brémond, Jean-Philippe Tarel, Eric Dumont...

12 years 13 days ago
Saliency Maps of High Dynamic Range Images
A number of computational models of visual attention have been proposed based on the concept of saliency map. Some of them have been validated as predictors of the visual scan-path...
Roland Brémond, Josselin Petit and Jean-Philippe...
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13 years 2 months ago
A Lagrangian Half-Quadratic approach to robust estimation and its applications to road scene analysis
We consider the problem of fitting linearly parameterized models, that arises in many computer vision problems such as road scene analysis. Data extracted from images usually cont...
Jean-Philippe Tarel, Pierre Charbonnier