P-Tour: A Personal Navigation System for Tourist

12 years 1 days ago
P-Tour: A Personal Navigation System for Tourist
In this paper, we propose a personal navigation system for tourism called P-Tour. When a tourist specifies multiple destinations with relative importance and restrictions on arrival/staying time, P-Tour computes the nearly best schedule to visit part of those destinations. In addition to the map-based navigation, P-Tour provides temporal guidance according to the schedule, and automatically modifies the schedule when detecting the situation that the tourist cannot follow the schedule. We have developed a route search engine as a Java Servlet which can compute a semi-optimal schedule in reasonable time using techniques of genetic algorithms.
Added 17 Jun 2012
Updated 25 Aug 2012
Authors Maruyama, A., Shibata, N., Murata, Y., Yasumoto, K. and Ito, M.
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