3D behavioral model design for simulation and software engineering

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3D behavioral model design for simulation and software engineering
Modeling is used to build structures that serve as surrogates for other objects. As children, we learn to model at a very young age. An object such as a small toy train teaches us about the structure and behavior of an actual train. VRML is a file standard for representing the structure of objects such as trains, while the behavior would be represented in a computer language such as ECMAScript or Java. VRML is an abbreviation for Virtual Reality Modeling Language [2], which represents the standard 3D language for the web. Our work is to extend the power of VRML so that it is used not only for defining shape models, but also for creating structures for behavior. “Behavior shapes” are built using metaphors mapped onto wellknown dynamic model templates such as finite state machines, functional block models and Petri nets. The low level functionality of the design still requires a traditional programming language, but this level is hidden underneath a modeling level that is visuali...
Paul A. Fishwick
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