A 3D Teacher for Car Detection in Aerial Images

14 years 7 months ago
A 3D Teacher for Car Detection in Aerial Images
This paper demonstrates how to reduce the hand labeling effort considerably by 3D information in an object detection task. In particular, we demonstrate how an efficient car detector for aerial images with minimal hand labeling effort can be build. We use an on-line boosting algorithm to incrementally improve the detection results. Initially, we train the classifier with a single positive (car) example, randomly drawn from a fixed number of given samples. When applying this detector to an image we obtain many false positive detections. We use information from a stereo matcher to detect some of these false positives (e.g. detected cars on a facade) and feed back this information to the classifier as negative updates. This improves the detector considerably, thus reducing the number of false positives. We show that we obtain similar results to hand labeling by iteratively applying this strategy. The performance of our algorithm is demonstrated on digital aerial images of urban environme...
Stefan Kluckner, Georg Pacher, Helmut Grabner, Hor
Added 14 Oct 2009
Updated 30 Oct 2009
Type Conference
Year 2007
Where ICCV
Authors Stefan Kluckner, Georg Pacher, Helmut Grabner, Horst Bischof, Joachim Bauer
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