Abstract Processes of Place/Transition Systems

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Abstract Processes of Place/Transition Systems
Processes of Place/Transition Systems6 Rob van Glabbeeka,b , Ursula Goltzc , Jens-Wolfhard Schickec aNICTA, Sydney, Australia bSchool of Computer Science and Engineering, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia cInstitute for Programming and Reactive Systems, TU Braunschweig, Germany A well-known problem in Petri net theory is to formalise an appropriate causality-based concept of process or run for place/transition systems. The so-called individual token interpretation, where tokens are distinguished according to their causal history, giving rise to the processes of Goltz and Reisig, is often considered too detailed. The problem ning a fully satisfying more abstract concept of process for general place/transition systems has so-far not been In this paper, we recall the proposal of defining an abstract notion of process, here called BD-process, in terms of equivalence classes of Goltz-Reisig processes, using an equivalence proposed by Best and Devillers. It yields a fully sa...
Rob J. van Glabbeek, Ursula Goltz, Jens-Wolfhard S
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Authors Rob J. van Glabbeek, Ursula Goltz, Jens-Wolfhard Schicke
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