Accumulators from Bilinear Pairings and Applications

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Accumulators from Bilinear Pairings and Applications
We propose a dynamic accumulator scheme from bilinear pairings, whose security is based on the Strong Diffie-Hellman assumption. We show applications of this accumulator in constructing an identitybased (ID-based) ring signature scheme with constant-size signatures and its interactive counterpart, and providing membership revocation to group signature, traceable signature and identity escrow schemes and anonymous credential systems. The ID-based ring signature scheme and the group signature scheme have extremely short signature sizes. The size of our group signatures with membership revocation is only half the size of the well-known ACJT00 scheme, which does not provide membership revocation. The schemes do not require trapdoor, so system parameters can be shared by multiple groups belonging to different organizations. All schemes proposed are provably secure in formal models. We generalize the definition of accumulators to model a wider range of practical accumulators. We provide fo...
Lan Nguyen
Added 26 Jun 2010
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Lan Nguyen
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