Adaptive Peer Sampling with Newscast

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Adaptive Peer Sampling with Newscast
Abstract. The peer sampling service is a middleware service that provides random samples from a large decentralized network to support gossip-based applications such as multicast, data aggregation and overlay topology management. Lightweight gossip-based implementations of the peer sampling service have been shown to provide good quality random sampling while also being extremely robust to many failure scenarios, including node churn and catastrophic failure. We identify two problems with these approaches. The first problem is related to message drop failures: if a node experiences a higher-than-average message drop rate then the probability of sampling this node in the network will decrease. The second problem is that the application layer at different nodes might request random samples at very different rates which can result in very poor random sampling especially at nodes with high request rates. We propose solutions for both problems. We focus on Newscast, a robust implementation...
Norbert Tölgyesi, Márk Jelasity
Added 26 May 2010
Updated 26 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2009
Authors Norbert Tölgyesi, Márk Jelasity
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