Adaptive Web Service for QOS Improvement

13 years 8 months ago
Adaptive Web Service for QOS Improvement
In this paper we investigate how “self-awareness'', through on-line self-monitoring and measurement, coupled with intelligent adaptive behaviour in response to observed data, can be used to offer adaptive web service for the end-user. Through this mechanism the end-user will notice a Quality of Service (QoS) improvement, every time a web page is requested. We first describe the general principles which govern our design, and briefly describe the experimental packet network system we have built in which end-users(web clients) are allowed to specify their QoS objectives. The network uses on-line adaptive traffic routing to try to meet the users' QoS requests. Cognitive or smart packets are used for selfobservation, and reinforcement learning with neural networks is implemented at network nodes to seek new paths and deduce improved paths from existing routes. We present two sets of experiments showing how the network is actually able to discover viable behaviours and ada...
Erol Gelenbe, Arturo Núñez
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Authors Erol Gelenbe, Arturo Núñez
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