Adding clubs with square

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Adding clubs with square
We present a technique for destroying stationary subsets of P+ using partial square sequences. We combine this method with Gitik's poset for changing the cofinality of a cardinal without adding bounded sets to prove a variety of consistency results concerning saturated ideals and the set S(, +). In this paper we continue our study of consistency results concerning the set S(, + ) = {a P+ : o.t.(a) = (a )+ } from [5] and [6]. We present a method for destroying the stationarity of certain subsets of P+ , where is inaccessible, using partial square sequences. This method of destroying stationary sets has a variety of applications. We prove several results which support the general theme that the structure of S(, + ) can vary greatly depending on the particular model considered. For example, if is supercompact and
John Krueger
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Type Journal
Year 2006
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Authors John Krueger
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