Address Translation Mechanisms In Network Interfaces

13 years 11 months ago
Address Translation Mechanisms In Network Interfaces
Good network hardware performance is often squandered by overheads for accessing the network interface (NI) within a host. NIs that support user-level messaging avoid frequent operating system (OS) action yet unnecessary copying can still result in low performance. We explore improving application messaging performance by eliminating all unnecessary copies (minimal messaging). For minimal messaging, NIs must support address translation and must do so more richly than has been done in the past. NI address translation should support higher-level abstractions, map all user space, exploit translation locality, and degrade gracefully when locality is poor. We classify NI address translation implementations based on where the lookup and the miss handling are performed (CPU or NI). We present alternative designs and we consider how they interact with the OS. We provide simulation results that evaluate the alternative design points and we demonstrate feasibility with a real implementation usi...
Ioannis Schoinas, Mark D. Hill
Added 04 Aug 2010
Updated 04 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 1998
Where HPCA
Authors Ioannis Schoinas, Mark D. Hill
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