The AEX Method and Its Instrumentation

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The AEX Method and Its Instrumentation
: We aim at elaborating a decision support system to manage concrete experience, using Artificial Intelligence methods, such as Case-Based Reasoning. We target any organization that wishes to capture and exploit its employees’ experience. This paper focuses on a key point: the method to obtain the system memory. We present AEX, an experience feedback method that we developed and instrumented for risk managers to help them share their experience and to support their critical tasks (e.g., intervention). The elaboration of AEX was based on the analysis and modeling of the risk managers’ real activity (esp., their decision-making and knowledge management processes). The instrumentation of AEX resulted in a computer tool based on a corporate memory. The paper reviews the AEX method, and illustrates and discusses its use through a scenario related to Forest Fire Fighting Management. The paper also describes how the method was instrumented, focusing on the feasibility of the instrumentati...
Sabine Delaître, Alain Giboin, Sabine Moisan
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Type Conference
Year 2002
Authors Sabine Delaître, Alain Giboin, Sabine Moisan
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