An Agent Based Meta-Model For Urban Mobility Modeling

14 years 23 days ago
An Agent Based Meta-Model For Urban Mobility Modeling
Mobility study is composed by many research areas which one interests us : urban mobility. Urban movement study aims at looking and designing human displacements in an urban environment. In the litterature, two main kinds of mobility are emergent: macroscopic displacements and microscopic movements. Our study takes place at the boundary of them. We want to describe human displacements in a city by describing their behaviour. We will use two kinds of tools: Multi-Agent Sytems (MAS) and theories based on probabilistic laws. People behaviours depend on many parameters like social class, geographical location... So we need to look on these elements. In this article, we suggest an agent based meta-model which intends to describe displacements of a population in a defined environment: a city. This meta-model is encapsulated in a method which begins by the creation of a theorical mobility model and finishes by the development of a simulator. A toolkit has been created to program this kind ...
Nicolas Marilleau
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Type Conference
Year 2005
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Authors Nicolas Marilleau
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