Alert Correlation for Extracting Attack Strategies

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Alert Correlation for Extracting Attack Strategies
Alert correlation is an important technique for managing large the volume of intrusion alerts that are raised by heterogenous Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs). The recent trend of research in this area is towards extracting attack strategies from raw intrusion alerts. It is generally believed that pure intrusion detection no longer can satisfy the security needs of organizations. Intrusion response and prevention are now becoming crucially important for protecting the network and minimizing damage. Knowing the real security situation of a network and the strategies used by the attackers enables network administrators to launches appropriate response to stop attacks and prevent them from escalating. This is also the primary goal of using alert correlation technique. However, most of the current alert correlation techniques only focus on clustering inter-connected alerts into different groups without further analyzing the strategies of the attackers. Some techniques for extracting att...
Bin Zhu, Ali A. Ghorbani
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Updated 12 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2006
Authors Bin Zhu, Ali A. Ghorbani
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