Analysis of Doppler Spread Perturbations in OFDM(A) Systems

13 years 5 months ago
Analysis of Doppler Spread Perturbations in OFDM(A) Systems
We analyze the effects of Doppler spread in mobile channels on Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex (OFDM) systems. This is important, since channel variations during one OFDM symbol cause Inter Sub-Carrier Interference (ICI) in OFDM systems, which degrades the performance, since ICI can be seen as additional near-Gaussian noise. The analysis is presented and closed-form results are given for numerous important practical Doppler spread encountered in mobile channels and applications such as mobile reception of DVB-T. We also show that for the case of asymmetrical Doppler spreads, the frequency correction of the receiver can be adjusted so as to minimize the ICI. To extend our work to OFDM(A) mobile radio systems where many users' contributions to the ICI overlap, we have introduced the concept of an equivalent single-user which causes the total ICI, in order to use the same analytical framework, and compared the uplink and downlink cases. Simulation results confirm our analysis...
Patrick Robertson, Stefan Kaiser
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Year 2000
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Authors Patrick Robertson, Stefan Kaiser
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