Analysis of Multithreaded Programs

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Analysis of Multithreaded Programs
Abstract. The field of program analysis has focused primarily on sequential programming languages. But multithreading is becoming increasingly important, both as a program structuring mechanism and to support efficient parallel computations. This paper surveys research in analysis for multithreaded programs, focusing on ways to improve the efficiency of analyzing interactions between threads, to detect data races, and to ameliorate the impact of weak memory consistency models. We identify two distinct classes of multithreaded programs, activity management programs and parallel computing programs, and discuss how the structure of these kinds of programs leads to different solutions to these problems. Specifically, we conclude that augmented type systems are the most promising approach for activity management programs, while targeted program analyses are the most promising approach for parallel computing programs.
Martin C. Rinard
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Type Conference
Year 2001
Where SAS
Authors Martin C. Rinard
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