Analytical Version Control Management in a Hypertext System

13 years 8 months ago
Analytical Version Control Management in a Hypertext System
may be saved for later reuse of material, but also to preserve the historical perspective of work done [ha:92]. In particular, in distributed and collaborative hypertext systems, version control mechanisms are no longer an optional and become absolutely necessary to maintain the consistency of the database [ma:93] and provide effective solutions to multiuser concurrency control [wi:93]. In this paper it is shown how structural and cognitive versioning issues can be efficiently managed in a Petri nets based hypertextual model. The advantages of this formalism [st:89] are enhanced by a modular and structured modeling; modularity allows to focus the attention only on some modules, while giving raction of the others. Each module owns metaknowledge that is useful in defining new layers and contexts. Of course, version support will only be accepted by the users if the effort spent on version management is out-weighed by the benefits. Conklin [co:87] emphasizes that, when changes are carried ...
Antonina Dattolo, Antonio Gisolfi
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Type Conference
Year 1994
Where CIKM
Authors Antonina Dattolo, Antonio Gisolfi
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