Analytical view of business data

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Analytical view of business data
This paper describes a logical extension to Microsoft Business Framework (MBF) called Analytical View (AV). AV consists of three components: Model Service for design time, Business Intelligence Entity (BIE) for programming model, and IntellDrill for runtime navigation between OLTP and OLAP data sources. AV feature-set fulfills enterprise application requirements for Analysis and Decision Support, complementing the transactional feature-set currently provided by MBF. Model Service automatically transforms an "object oriented model (transactional view)" to a "multi-dimensional model (analytical view)" without the traditional Extraction/Transformation/Loading (ETL) overhead and complexity. It infers dimensionality from the object layer where richer metadata is stored, eliminating the "guesswork" that a traditional data warehousing process requires when going through physical database schema. BI Entities are classes code-generated by Model Service. As an intr...
Adam Yeh, Jonathan Tang, Youxuan Jin, Sam Skrivan
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where KDD
Authors Adam Yeh, Jonathan Tang, Youxuan Jin, Sam Skrivan
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