Anonymous Publish/Subscribe in P2P Networks

13 years 11 months ago
Anonymous Publish/Subscribe in P2P Networks
One of the most important issues to deal with in peerto-peer networks is how to disseminate information. In this paper, we use a completely new approach to solving the information dissemination problem. Our approach uses the publish/subscribe paradigm. The publish/subscribe method is the most inclusive strategy to establish communication between the information providers (publishers) and the information consumers (subscribers). We give a formal definition of publish/subscribe systems. We then use the publish/subscribe communication paradigm to design deterministic protocols (topic and content-based) for peer-to-peer networks. Our protocols are designed on top of an innovative information dissemination scheme, and can cope with the anonymity and mobility of both publishers and subscribers, weak-connectivity, and polarization, which are some of the characteristics of peer-to-peer networks. Moreover, in our solutions, every node could play a role of both publisher and subscriber. The al...
Ajoy Kumar Datta, Maria Gradinariu, Michel Raynal,
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where IPPS
Authors Ajoy Kumar Datta, Maria Gradinariu, Michel Raynal, Gwendal Simon
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