Anonymous Webs of Trust

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Anonymous Webs of Trust
Abstract. Webs of trust constitute a decentralized infrastructure for establishing the authenticity of the binding between public keys and users and, more generally, trust relationships among users. This paper introduces the concept of anonymous webs of trust – an extension of webs of trust where users can authenticate messages and determine each other’s trust level without compromising their anonymity. Our framework comprises a novel cryptographic protocol based on zero-knowledge proofs, a symbolic abstraction and formal verification of our protocol, and a prototypical implementation based on the OpenPGP standard. The framework is capable of dealing with various core and optional features of common webs of trust, such as key attributes, key expiration dates, existence of multiple certificate chains, and trust measures between different users.
Michael Backes, Stefan Lorenz, Matteo Maffei, Kim
Added 14 Aug 2010
Updated 14 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 2010
Where PET
Authors Michael Backes, Stefan Lorenz, Matteo Maffei, Kim Pecina
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