Anthropocentric video analysis for film and games postproduction

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Anthropocentric video analysis for film and games postproduction
: The interest of the scientific community for anthropocentric (human-centered) video analysis stems from the fact that the extracted information (e.g. human presence, identity, body posture, emotional status, body parts movements, activities) can be utilised in various important applications. One such application domain is film and games postproduction, where the anthropocentric video analysis results can be used in various tasks, such as audiovisual material indexing and retrieval or automatic semantic annotation. In this paper, we shall review recent research results in a number of diverse areas, such as face/person detection, human activity recognition and face/facial expression recognition, either from a single or multiview visual (image/video) sources. Key words: human-centered computing, human-centered interfaces, computer games, film postproduction, video analysis.
Ioannis Pitas, Nikolaos Nikolaidis
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Type Journal
Year 2010
Authors Ioannis Pitas, Nikolaos Nikolaidis
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