An approach to safe object sharing

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An approach to safe object sharing
It is essential for security to be able to isolate mistrusting programs from one another, and to protect the host platform from programs. Isolation is difficult in object-oriented systems because objects can easily become aliased. Aliases that cross program boundaries can allow programs to exchange information without using a system provided interface that could control information exchange. In Java, mistrusting programs are placed in distinct loader spaces but uncontrolled sharing of system classes can still lead to aliases between programs. This paper presents the object spaces protection model for an object-oriented system. The model decomposes an application into a set of spaces, and each object is assigned to one space. All method calls between objects in different spaces are mediated by a security policy. An implementation of the model in Java is presented.
Ciarán Bryce, Chrislain Razafimahefa
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Updated 25 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 2000
Authors Ciarán Bryce, Chrislain Razafimahefa
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