Are we Ready to Embrace the Semantic Web?

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Are we Ready to Embrace the Semantic Web?
action from low level features to high level semantics. Owing to the proliferation of multimedia content in the internet, there is widespread interest in the semantic web community in multimedia metadata standards in general, and MPEG-7 in particular. Despite the fact that the semantic web initiatives could benefit a lot from MPEG-7 for the annotation of multimedia documents, recent studies have underlined the limitations of MPEG-7 in describing the semantics of highly structured domains like sports or medicine. One way to solve this problem is to adopt an integrated approach to the design of multimedia ontologies. The first step in bridging the gap between multimedia and semantic web is to map the MPEG-7 specification into a semantic web compliant metadata language like RDF Schema2 . Details of such a mapping can be found in the seminal work of Hunter [2]. In our work, we use MPEG-7 to model only the structural and the low level aspects of multimedia documents. The reason behind not u...
Shankar Vembu, Stephan Baumann
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Shankar Vembu, Stephan Baumann
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