Argumentation for Access Control

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Argumentation for Access Control
In this paper we are interested in argument based reasoning for access control, for example in the context of agents negotiating access to resources or web services in virtual organizations. We use a logical framework which contains agents with objectives concerning access to a resource or provision of a service, including security objectives. The access control mechanism is described by a set of policy rules, that specify that access to a resource or service requires a specific set of credentials. Our contribution is a formalization of the reasoning about access control using a planning theory formalized in Dung’s abstract argumentation framework. We build on Amgoud’s argumentation framework for plan arguments, which is based on an adaptation of Dung’s notion of defence. Our formal argumentation framework allows arguments about the backward derivation of plans from objectives and policy rules (abduction), as well as arguments about the forward derivation of goals from general o...
Guido Boella, Joris Hulstijn, Leendert W. N. van d
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Where AIIA
Authors Guido Boella, Joris Hulstijn, Leendert W. N. van der Torre
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