AspectAda: aspect oriented programming for ada95

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AspectAda: aspect oriented programming for ada95
Concerns for concurrent systems are not always easy to modularize within single units using traditional programming languages. The concept of aspect orientation can be applied to allow a modular implementation of these concerns. Existing programming languages has been extended with new language features to support aspect-orientation. The most dominant of these language extensions are AspectJ for the Java programming language. However, Java is not ideal for all types of applications, or there exists legacy systems that need to be maintained. This paper presents AspectAda a new language extension to Ada95 and an AspectAda weaver tool built with the Ada Semantic Interface Specifciation (ASIS). The AspectAda language provides powerful language elements to facilitate aspect oriented programming in domains where Ada’s capabilities are of high interest and the AspectAda weaver tool demonstrates the AspectAda language in action. Categories and Subject Descriptors D.3.3 [Programming Language...
Knut H. Pedersen, Constantinos Constantinides
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Knut H. Pedersen, Constantinos Constantinides
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