Aspects of Enterprise Java Beans

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Aspects of Enterprise Java Beans
Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), a specification for a Java component framework recently released by Sun Microsystems, immediately attracted attention of several major software vendors, including IBM, Oracle and Sybase. Analysts agree that EJB has a potential to replace CORBA as a standard for enterprise level applications. Aspect Oriented Programming fits naturally into EJB paradigm, but requires a few enhancements to be useful in this environment. Enterprise Java Beans EJB ties together other specs from Sun, including Java Transaction Service (JTS), Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI), Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) and Java Messaging Service (JMS). It can be seen as a modern version of CORBA, made more accessible through the use of a single language and modern component methodologies and patterns. A mapping to CORBA was released along with the very first version of EJB. The main concepts are:
Gregory Blank, Gene Vayngrib
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Year 1998
Authors Gregory Blank, Gene Vayngrib
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