Assessing Web Usage Profiles

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Assessing Web Usage Profiles
Today the World Wide Web is seen as an unique medium for interaction. Every organisation has or is about to have its own Web site, aiming to attract as much visitors as each one cans. So, it is no surprise that Web analysis is in the order of the day. Competitiveness rises up the need for deep customers’ understanding, otherwise, sites’ impact will be low and non profitable. This kind of knowledge requires for specialised analysis skills facilitated by Web Usage Mining. This area, a part of the Web Mining research area, is set to provide insights on personalisation, business intelligence, usage characterisation and system and site improvement. This paper aims to clear out some of the concerns and availabilities that the Web presents towards this analysis area, highlighting its main excellences and pitfalls. A case study concerning an educational support site is studied. Intentionally, there were chosen a common Web analysis tool and a Web Usage Mining tool in order to assess what ...
Anália Lourenço, Orlando Belo
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Authors Anália Lourenço, Orlando Belo
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