Automated 3D Recording of Archaeological Pottery

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Automated 3D Recording of Archaeological Pottery
At excavations a large number of sherds of archaeological pottery is found. Since the documentation and administration of these fragments represent a temporal and personnel effort, we construct a computer aided documentation system for archaeological fragments to form the basis for a subsequent semi-automatic classification and reconstruction. In archaeology the determination of the exact volume of arbitrary vessels is of importance since this provides information about the manufacturer and the usage of the vessel. The technique used for the 3d-acquisition is shape from silhouette. The major problem of the 3d surface reconstruction using a turntable is the varying resolution in direction to the camera due to the varying rotation of object points in respect to the rotational axis of the turntable. Therefore, the optimal set of views for capturing the viewable object surface is a set of angles, which guarantees a uniform object resolution. In this paper we present a technique, which est...
Martin Kampel, Robert Sablatnig
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Type Conference
Year 2001
Authors Martin Kampel, Robert Sablatnig
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