Automatic Parallelization of Divide and Conquer Algorithms

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Automatic Parallelization of Divide and Conquer Algorithms
Divide and conquer algorithms are a good match for modern parallel machines: they tend to have large amounts of inherent parallelism and they work well with caches and deep memory hierarchies. But these algorithms pose challenging problems for parallelizing compilers. They are usually coded as recursive procedures and often use pointers into dynamically allocated memory blocks and pointer arithmetic. All of these features are incompatible with the analysis algorithms in traditional parallelizing compilers. This paper presents the design and implementation of a compiler that is designed to parallelize divide and conquer algorithms whose subproblems access disjoint regions of dynamically allocated arrays. The foundation of the compiler is a ow-sensitive, context-sensitive, and interprocedural pointer analysis algorithm. A range of symbolic analysis algorithms build on the pointer analysis information to extract symbolic bounds for the memory regions accessed by potentially recursive p...
Radu Rugina, Martin C. Rinard
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Type Conference
Year 1999
Authors Radu Rugina, Martin C. Rinard
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