Automating the Configuration of Multi Software Product Lines

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Automating the Configuration of Multi Software Product Lines
The increased use of software product lines (SPLs) results in complex software systems in which products of multiple SPLs communicate and interact with each other. Such a system of interdependent SPLs has to be considered as a whole to achieve compatibility between different SPL instances. In this paper, we present an approach to design and configure multi software product lines (MPLs), i.e., product lines that consist of multiple interdependent SPLs. Therefore we use composition models that describe how an MPL is composed from multiple SPL instances. This allows us to automate the configuration of MPLs which is required to handle the resulting complexity. We also show how to automatically derive configuration generators to further simplify the configuration process and we report from experiences of applying the presented approach.
Marko Rosenmüller, Norbert Siegmund
Added 29 Oct 2010
Updated 29 Oct 2010
Type Conference
Year 2010
Authors Marko Rosenmüller, Norbert Siegmund
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