Automating software module testing for FAA certification

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Automating software module testing for FAA certification
Automatic software testing is gradually becoming accepted practice in the software industry. The shrinking development cycle and higher expectation of software quality are forcing software teams to seek help from automation. Current state-of-the-practice in software test automation uses tool-specific programming and scripting languages to automate testing. Automation aims to achieve both reduced costs and a more thorough analysis, testing and verification and is vital to keeping pace with increasing software complexity. Software complexity and accelerated development schedules make avoiding defects difficult. The user reported bugs occur in software because the user executed untested code, or the order in which the statements were executed in actual use differed from that during testing, or the user applied a combination of untested input values, or the user's operating environment was never tested [3]. About 80 percent of the defects in software come from 20 percent of the modul...
Usha Santhanam
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Year 2001
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