Automating XML document structure transformations

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Automating XML document structure transformations
This paper describes an implementation for syntax-directed transformation of XML documents from one structure to another. The system is based on the method which we have introduced in our earlier work. That work characterized certain general conditions under which a semi-automatic transformation is possible. The system generates semi-automatically a transformation between two structures of the same document class. The system gets source and target DTDs as an input. There is a tool for a user to define a label association between the elements of the DTDs. From the two DTDs and from the label association, the system generates the transformation specification semi-automatically. The system has a tool to help the user to select a correct translation if the target DTD produces several possible structures. Implementation of the transformation is based on the topdown tree transducer. From the transformation specification the system produces an XSLT script automatically. Categories and Sub...
Paula Leinonen
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Year 2003
Authors Paula Leinonen
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