AutoMod Tutorial

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AutoMod Tutorial
The AutoModTM simulation system differs significantly from other systems because of its ability to deal with the physical elements of a system in physical (graphical) terms and the logical elements of a system in logical terms. AutoMod also offers advanced features to allow users to simulate complex movement (kinematics and velocity) of equipment such as robots, machine tools, transfer lines, and special machinery. All graphics are represented in 3-D space with unlimited viewing control, including: translation, rotation, scale, light-sourced solids, perspective, and continuous motion viewing. The AutoMod CAD features are used to define the physical layout of manufacturing, material handling, and distribution systems. Unlike most other simulation software, the powerful AutoMod graphical interface accurately captures the physical constraints of distance, size, and space in 3-D. AutoMod consists of two working environments. The build environment is for the physical and logical model defi...
Matthew W. Rohrer
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Year 1997
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