Awareness of Organizational Expertise

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Awareness of Organizational Expertise
This article describes automated tools for increasing organizational awareness within a global enterprise. The MITRE Corporation is the context for the current work, however the tools and techniques are general and should apply to a wide variety of distributed, heterogeneous organizations. These tools provide awareness of team members and materials in virtual collaboration environments as well as support for automated discovery of distributed experts. The results are embodied in three systems: MITRE's Collaborative Virtual Workspace (CVW), Expert Finder and XpertNet. CVW is a place-based collaboration environment that enables team members to find one another and work together. Expert Finder is an expert skill finder that exploits the intellectual products created within an organization to support automated expertise identification. XpertNet addresses the problem of detecting extant or emerging classes of expertise without a priori knowledge of their existence. Both Expert Finder ...
Mark T. Maybury, Raymond J. D'Amore, David House
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Updated 22 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2002
Authors Mark T. Maybury, Raymond J. D'Amore, David House
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