Barrier coverage with wireless sensors

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Barrier coverage with wireless sensors
In old times, castles were surrounded by moats (deep trenches filled with water, and even alligators) to thwart or discourage intrusion attempts. One can now replace such barriers with stealthy and wireless sensors. In this paper, we develop theoretical foundations for laying barriers of wireless sensors. We define the notion of   -barrier coverage of a belt region using wireless sensors. We propose efficient algorithms using which one can quickly determine, after deploying the sensors, whether a region is   -barrier covered. Next, we establish the optimal deployment pattern to achieve   -barrier coverage when deploying sensors deterministically. Finally, we consider barrier coverage with high probability when sensors are deployed randomly. We introduce two notions of probabilistic barrier coverage in a belt region – weak and strong barrier coverage. While weak barrier-coverage with high probability guarantees the detection of intruders as they cross a barrier of stealthy sens...
Santosh Kumar, Ten-Hwang Lai, Anish Arora
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Santosh Kumar, Ten-Hwang Lai, Anish Arora
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