Bayesian Heuristic Approach to Scheduling

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Bayesian Heuristic Approach to Scheduling
Abstract. Real life scheduling problems are solved by heuristics with parameters defined by experts, as usual. In this paper a new approach is proposed where the parameters of various heuristics and their random mixtures are optimized to reduce the average deviations from the global optimum. In many cases the average deviation is a stochastic and multi-modal function of heuristic parameters. Thus a stochastic global optimization is needed. The Bayesian heuristic approach is developed and applied for this optimization. That is main distinctive feature of this work. The approach is illustrated by flow-shop and school scheduling examples. Two versions of school scheduling models are developed for both traditional and profiled schools. The models are tested while designing schedules for some Lithuanian schools. Quality of traditional schedules is defined by the number of teacher "windows". Schedules of profiled schools are evaluated by user defined penalty functions. That separat...
Jonas Mockus
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Year 2002
Authors Jonas Mockus
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