Binding bigraphs as symmetric monoidal closed theories

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Binding bigraphs as symmetric monoidal closed theories
Milner's bigraphs [1] are a general framework for reasoning about distributed and concurrent programming languages. Notably, it has been designed to encompass both the -calculus [2] and the Ambient calculus [3]. This paper is only concerned with bigraphical syntax: given what we here call a bigraphical signature K, Milner constructs a (pre-) category of bigraphs Bbg(K), whose main features are (1) the presence of relative pushouts (RPOs), which makes them well-behaved w.r.t. bisimulations, and that (2) the so-called structural equations become equalities. Examples of the latter are, e.g., in and Ambients, renaming of bound variables, associativity and commutativity of parallel composition, or scope extrusion for -bound names. Also, bigraphs follow a scoping discipline ensuring that, roughly, bound variables never escape their scope. Here, we reconstruct bigraphs using a standard categorical tool: symmetric monoidal closed (smc) theories. Our theory enforces the same scoping disci...
Tom Hirschowitz, Aurélien Pardon
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Type Journal
Year 2008
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Authors Tom Hirschowitz, Aurélien Pardon
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