The BioGRID Interaction Database: 2011 update

13 years 1 months ago
The BioGRID Interaction Database: 2011 update
The Biological General Repository for Interaction Datasets (BioGRID) is a public database that archives and disseminates genetic and protein interaction data from model organisms and humans ( BioGRID currently holds 347 966 interactions (170 162 genetic, 177 804 protein) curated from both high-throughput data sets and individual focused studies, as derived from over 23 000 publications in the primary literature. Complete coverage of the entire literature is maintained for budding yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), fission yeast (Schizosaccharomyces pombe) and thale cress (Arabidopsis thaliana), and efforts to expand curation across multiple metazoan species are underway. The BioGRID houses 48 831 human protein interactions that have been curated from 10 247 publications. Current curation drives are focused on particular areas of biology to enable insights into conserved networks and pathways that are relevant to human health. The BioGRID 3.0 web interface con...
Chris Stark, Bobby-Joe Breitkreutz, Andrew Chatr-a
Added 29 May 2011
Updated 29 May 2011
Type Journal
Year 2011
Where NAR
Authors Chris Stark, Bobby-Joe Breitkreutz, Andrew Chatr-aryamontri, Lorrie Boucher, Rose Oughtred, Michael S. Livstone, Julie Nixon, Kimberly Van Auken, Xiaodong Wang, Xiaoqi Shi, Teresa Reguly, Jennifer M. Rust, Andrew G. Winter, Kara Dolinski, Mike Tyers
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