Blended Learning Concepts - a Short Overview

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Blended Learning Concepts - a Short Overview
This paper presents a short overview of blended learning, showing arguments for and against these concepts. Potential blended learning scenarios are described that vary depending on the degree of instructor involvement, learner self-organisation and on-line moderation or coaching. The paper ends with an example of successful application of a blended learning concept in industry. Definition of Blended Learning Blended learning can be defined as the combination of multiple approaches to pedagogy or teaching, e .g. self-paced, collaborative, tutor-supported learning or traditional classroom teaching. Blended learning often refers specifically to the provision or use of resources which combine e-learning with other educational resources. Some authors talk about "hybrid learning" [6, 7], "mixed learning" or "multimethod-learning". However, all of these concepts broadly refer to the integration (the "blending") of e-learning tools and techniques with t...
Sonja Trapp
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