Blind separation of convolved mixtures in the frequency domain

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Blind separation of convolved mixtures in the frequency domain
In this paper we employ information theoretic algorithms, previously used for separating instantaneous mixtures of sources, for separating convolved mixtures in the frequency domain. It is observed that convolved mixing in the time domain corresponds to instantaneous mixing in the frequency domain. Such mixing can be inverted using simpler and more robust algorithms than the ones recently developed. Advantages of this approach are improved efficiency and better convergence features. 1 INSTANTANEOUS MIXTURES AND SEPARATION The problem of blind source separation was traditionally approached by observing instantaneous mixtures of sources. Assume that N signals si are ordered in a vector where t is a time index. Upon transmission through a medium these signals are collected from N sensors from which we obtain . Assuming linear superposition the vector can be expressed as: (1) where is an unknown matrix called the mixing matrix. The objective is to recover the original signals given only ...
Paris Smaragdis
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