Boolean combinations of weighted voting games

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Boolean combinations of weighted voting games
Weighted voting games are a natural and practically important class of simple coalitional games, in which each agent is assigned a numeric weight, and a coalition is deemed to be winning if the sum of weights of agents in that coalition meets some stated threshold. We study a natural generalisation of weighted voting games called Boolean Weighted Voting Games (BWVGs). BWVGs are intended to model decision-making processes in which components of an overall decision are delegated to committees, with each committee being an individual weighted voting game. We consider the perspective of an individual who has some overall goal that they desire to achieve, represented as a propositional logic formula over the decisions controlled by the various committees. We begin by formulating the framework of BWVGs, and show that BWVGs can provide a succinct representation scheme for simple coalitional games, compared to other representations based on weighted voting games. We then consider the computat...
Piotr Faliszewski, Edith Elkind, Michael Wooldridg
Added 26 May 2010
Updated 26 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2009
Where ATAL
Authors Piotr Faliszewski, Edith Elkind, Michael Wooldridge
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