Camera Calibration by Computational Projective Geometry

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Camera Calibration by Computational Projective Geometry
A schcmc of camera calibration is proposed. The focal length and the orientations of the scenc coordinatc axes are computcd by dctecting the vanishing points of two sets of lincs orthogonally sct in thc sccnc. The absolute distance of thc sccnc coordinatc system is dctcrmincd by locating a point whosc scenc coordinates arc known. All points and lines are represcntcd by unit vectors called N-vectors,and computation is based on projcctivc geomctry coupled with such computational considerations as efficiency of computation and suppression of noisc in thc data.
Kenichi Kanatani, Yasuhiro Onodera
Added 07 Nov 2010
Updated 07 Nov 2010
Type Conference
Year 1990
Where MVA
Authors Kenichi Kanatani, Yasuhiro Onodera
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