Cartoon-Style Rendering of Motion from Video

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Cartoon-Style Rendering of Motion from Video
The contribution of this paper is a novel non-photorealistic rendering (NPR) system capable of rendering motion within a video sequence in artistic styles. A variety of cartoon-style motion cues may be inserted into a video sequence, including augmentation cues (such as streak lines, ghosting, or blurring) and deformation cues (such as squash and stretch or drag effects). Users may select from the gamut of available styles by setting parameters which in¤uence the placement and appearance of motion cues. Our system draws upon techniques from both the vision and the graphics communities to analyse and render motion and is entirely automatic, aside from minimal user interaction to bootstrap a feature tracker. We demonstrate successful application of our system to a variety of subjects with complexities ranging from simple oscillatory to articulated motion, under both static and moving camera conditions with occlusion present. We conclude with a critical appraisal of the system and discu...
John P. Collomosse, Peter M. Hall
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where VVG
Authors John P. Collomosse, Peter M. Hall
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