The case for access control on XML relationships

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The case for access control on XML relationships
With the emergence of XML as the de facto standard to exchange and disseminate information, the problem of regulating access to XML documents has attracted a considerable attention in recent years. Existing models attach authorizations to nodes of an XML document but disregard relationships between them. However, ancestor and sibling relationships may reveal information as sensitive as the one carried out by the nodes themselves (e.g., classification). This paper advocates the integration of relationships as first class citizen in the access control models for XML and makes the following contributions. First, it characterizes important relationship authorizations and identifies the mechanisms required to translate them accurately in an authorized view of a source document. Second, it introduces a rule-based formulation for expressing these classes of relationship authorizations and defines an associated conflict resolution strategy. Rather than being yet-another XML access control mod...
Béatrice Finance, Saïda Medjdoub, Phil
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Where CIKM
Authors Béatrice Finance, Saïda Medjdoub, Philippe Pucheral
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